My name is Maria Deleuran and I am an urban designer educated at Aalborg University specialising in creating public urban spaces for humans. After my Bachelor’s degree in Architecture and Design, I have chosen the path of Urban Design, and have been loving every minutes of it. It truly is my passion! I love to study the social interactions happening in the urban space and use this knowledge to create urban spaces for humans. I find it interesting how small artistic interventions can start a debate and completely change large areas.

One of my key interest is to understand the participatory nature of urban planning as a way to create adaptable sustainable cities. I understand urban design as frozen politics, an interesting complexity of stakeholder, place, time and economy, and I aim to navigate inside this framework as an actor in creating an inclusive urban fabric. I have been working with projects in many different scales during my time as a student. Everything from research projects about methodologies for slum-upgrades of townships in Cape Town, South Africa to a design strategy bridging the edges between Gellerup, Aarhus and the surrounding urban fabric to small artistic interventions as part of the development of Viborg Baneby.

The university has given me a large theoretical knowledge and toolbox and through my work at the strategical cross-disciplinary building consultancy firm, Bascon, I have received a huge practical knowledge and experience. Furthermore, I have obtained international experience through my work as a research assistant at Urban-Think Tank Chair of Architecture and Urban Design at ETH Zürich. Check out my portfolio to see some of the projects I have been up to lately.