Aalborg is a city in rapid development going through several transformations. One of the next large transformations is the introduction of the light rail. The light rail will become a new infrastructural backbone of the development in the network city, where each stop becomes nodes. The light rail stop at Grønlandstorvet is one of these nodes. It is placed on the edge of the dense city in the middle of the future light rail stretch between the city centre and the university campus. It is an area dominated of functionalistic infrastructure and large green areas. New infrastructural initiatives change areas in the city, as the route is not only traffic spaces, but also public spaces – it is “a room with a view”. Mobilities is not only the movement of entities from A to B. It is linked to issues such as culture, identity and social norms, as well as the instrumental acts of structuring flows of traffic.







The project studies mobilities tales of Grønlandskvarteret, which is the modernistic area surrounding the light rail stop. The project follows four representative people around to get an understanding of their everyday movement in the area. The study shows that spatial experiences and flow efficiency are important – an acknowledgment of places as spatial and flow nodes in the network city, where three parameters are important; connections, layering and densification. It is an understanding of the relationship between space and pace, where it is important to work with a design containing a variety in scale, which makes an interpretation of the nature in context of mobilities relevant.



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The small man in the large landscape is the spatial approach of the project. It understands spatiality as a connection between detail and entirety. The variety of scales is the essence of the concept which is the man in the landscape, the landscape in the context and the context in the city. The local context becomes a motive creating the large landscape in which the small man travels. It is a link between the various scales, as the small man is not only understood as a pedestrian, but also as a man in his car. The Greenlandic landscape is the sublime nature consisting of the large expanses framed by the ice and mountains. It is a large landscape containing the small detail. It is the tale of the small man in the large landscape.







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Letbanestop rød taske + skygge

Rocky landscape



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